Senior .NET Developer in Austin, TX at Prestige Staffing

Date Posted: 4/10/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

JobID: 28896

Senior Engineer (.NET)
Direct Hire
East Austin, TX 


NET, C#, REST API, WebAPI, Entity Framework, Design Patterns, Dependency Injections, Unit Testing

90% Back end development, 50% new dev 50% maintenance, 100% dev (arch mindset)

The Senior Engineer (.NET) will be a highly valued contributor in Eduphoria’s ongoing efforts to support Educators and Students through delivering incredibly useful products in a timely fashion through software that is also highly performant and stable.

Over the past year, the Product & Engineering organizations have grown steadily in headcount, and as the department continues to grow and evolve we are committed to continually providing the right solutions to our customers & users. The exceptional candidate will help teams further our efforts in modernizing our codebase through a combination of new feature development and strategic refactoring of legacy code, while also mentoring and learning from other Engineering Team members on code testability, maintainability, performance, reliability, design patterns, and best practices. The Senior Engineer may report either to the Engineering Manager or the Director of Engineering.


? Develops Web Application features & feature improvements as part of a full-stack, cross-functional team (C#, WebApi, .NET Framework & .NET Core + ReactJS)

? Ensures performant database operations in Amazon Aurora leveraging both a conventional DAL approach as well as through an ORM such as Entity Framework

? Helps to refactor legacy code (webforms, codebehind, other .NET Framework code) into code that is more portable, less tightly coupled, and more testable via Unit & Integration tests

? Includes ample Unit and Integration test coverage for all new development, as well as increased Unit & Integration test coverage in legacy codebase

? Develops & Maintains Automated UI and API Test fixtures

? Helps improve application performance & maintainability, improving response times, error-handling, readability etc.

? Helps resolve customer issues, exceptions, and other high priority defects

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Highly proficient with .NET Framework, C#, WebApi, Unity, Entity Framework, .NET Webforms
  • Proficient or Highly Proficient with .NET Core
  • Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of common design patterns & SOLID principles
  • Expert working with expansive RDBMS schemas & deploying DB changes across multiple DB instances. MySQL expertise a plus.
  • Proficient with RESTful API best practices & conventions
  • Understands elegant and performant data storage & access approach in non-RDBMS systems like DynamoDB
  • Automated Testing / TDD mindset
  • Adapts gracefully to unfamiliar business domains and code architecture
  • Participates frequently in providing & receiving peer feedback via pair programming and code reviews
  • Gradual improvement of code architecture, deconstructing legacy solution into more modular projects and assemblies
  • Accustomed to frequent commits and deploys
  • Proactive in reaching out to others with questions, concerns, or to seek help


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